We offer professional advice to owners and investors in the following areas

Asset Management

We advise clients on the development of their strategy and structure for active decision making, in the management of their assets. We’ll alert you to to the identification and exploitation of value-add opportunities. And we’ll help you defend value through proactive problem solving.

Finance for Property

Harnan Real Estate is able to provide advice on a wide variety of sources of external finance for property situations, in order to be able to support clients delivering their property aspirations. We can provide guidance on raising debt and equity finance, structuring co-investment and multi-layered financing transactions.

Lease Negotiation

We’re experts when it comes to the negotiating, renewing and restructuring of leases as part of your property portfolio. Our services include the negotiation of business terms and conditions, and  the organisation of your lease obligations to suit your business obligations.

Reconfiguration & Redevelopment

We can help with opportunities that arise for the acquisition of sites for redevelopment and reconfiguration. Our advice and guidance will be supported by a detailed financial risk and return analysis, delivered to clients at the early stage of discussions.

Property Investment

Choosing the right strategy is the key first step in successful property investment. We help clients to clarify their goals, define their risk appetite and set their return aspirations. Once these are in place we agree an approach which aligns consistently with their aims.

Property Acquisition

Once your property investment strategy is agreed, we will identify suitable assets which align with it. We will assess the value of the property, negotiate on your behalf and manage the transaction on behalf of clients. We’ll cover the entire process from start to finish.

Rent Reviews

Rent reviews represent an opportunity to enhance returns but it is a complex area of property law. Careful and experienced consideration of each opportunity is required, which is why we provide professional guidance and negotiation for owners within the context of the property, its local market and the lease.

Owners and Investors

At Harnan Real Estate we work closely with our clients in order to develop an investment strategy that will deliver on their aims. We do this by contributing our 25 years of experience in the UK property sector, in order to enhance and strengthen your potential for proactive decision making, leading to success in meeting your financial targets.